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The Isagenix Weight Loss System Really Works!

6 Jul 2018 14:26

There are so many health and wellness programs out there. How do you determine which one is worth your time and money? Transforming your body is more achievable when you can engage with a supportive community to help you optimize product use. That’s just the beginning of the secret to success with Isagenix. We provide nutrient-dense meal options that are easy, convenient, and an exceptional value. We combine this with the latest science on effective weight loss and sustained health, including an intermittent-fasting protocol. Read on to learn more about the Isagenix Systems for weight loss, energy, performance, and healthy aging.

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Isagenix Products Now Available in Canadian Currency

21 Jul 2015 15:39

Effective July 20th 2015 Isagenix has converted all sales of products and programs to Canadian Currency!

This is a welcomed change that will provide an improved experience for our Canadian customers who will no longer need to deal with $US currency conversion.

Adapt Yourself: Adaptogens and Stress Relief

23 Apr 2015 14:54

We live in a high-pressure environment. Stress from relationships, finances, and careers can pile on top of one another. Before you know it, you live in a state of chronic stress. This wreaks havoc on our health and our mental and physical performance. Fortunately, Isagenix has a solution to help you to calm down, relieve stress, and unwind: Adaptogens.

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Isagenix Says ‘No!’ to Higher Prices in Canada

16 Apr 2015 17:48

Canadian10thAnniversary-IsaFYI-500x500 At Isagenix, we have always believed that “If it’s not right for the Associates, it’s not right for the company.”

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Curb Cravings on Cleanse Days

8 Jan 2014 20:47

Probably the greatest challenge to overcome on a Cleanse Day is the temptation to eat. Many times appetite—the desire to eat that can be triggered by boredom, emotional stress, or even the smell or appearance of food—can be mistaken for hunger, which is a physical feeling when your body needsfuel to function.

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Warm Up to a New Breakfast Option

22 Sep 2013 16:43

Fall is officially here! That means crisp mornings and cravings for warm breakfasts. Luckily, Isagenix has a tasty IsaLean® Shake option that can be enjoyed warm.

Black Sesame IsaLean® Shake is an Asian-inspired meal-replacement shake that, when warmed, is a little like a savory bowl of oatmeal because of its thick, nutty-like flavor. It’s fast becoming a favorite of Associates living in cooler weather areas.

Powered by our exclusive Myo-IsaLean Complex™, this savory shake contains 24 grams of high-quality protein; healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates you need to maintain healthy weight loss and build lean muscle all year long.

Other exciting features of Black Sesame IsaLean Shake include:

  • 9 grams dietary fiber
  • 22 vitamins and minerals
  • Active enzymes to aid digestion
  • Gluten-free
  • Soy-free

Wondering why Associates are scooping up the new Black Sesame IsaLean Shake?

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Big health fears as more young people pile on the weight

18 Aug 2013 14:08

Australians in their 20s and 30s are gaining weight at an alarming rate, increasing their risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, a study has found.

The trend has renewed calls for a debate on tougher interventions to tackle the obesity epidemic, such as a tax on junk foods and more subsidies for fruit and vegetables.

The Australian Diabetes, Obesity and Lifestyle Study of 11,000 adults over 12 years found that, on average, people between 25 and 34 stacked on 6.7 kilograms during the period - more than any other age group.

For those between 35 and 44, the average weight gain was 4.7kg, followed by 2.7kg for people 45 to 54 and 0.4kg for those aged 55 to 64.

While people over 65 lost an average of 2.1kg to 4.5kg over the 12 years, researcher and Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute associate director Jonathan Shaw said they were still expanding. The average waist circumference had increased between 0.8 centimetres and 2.7cm over the study period.

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The Best Go-To Meal After Cleanse Days

30 Jul 2013 17:29

What’s the first meal you should have right after a Cleanse Day or two? Don’t think twice: Make it an IsaLean Shake or IsaLean Pro Shake.

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Early to Bed, Early to Drop Pounds

30 Jul 2013 17:26

Notice a surge in your food cravings? You may want to check your bedtime. In the first laboratory study of its kind, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania showed that otherwise healthy people who stay up late and don’t get a good night’s sleep are likely to gain weight from indulging in fattier foods during the late-night hours.

In the study, published in the journal Sleep, 225 non-obese people between the ages of 22 and 50 were randomized into a sleep restriction group or control group for 5 nights—the sleep restricted group slept from 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. while the control group slept from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.

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How to Stop Late-Night Cravings

20 Apr 2013 17:50

It’s 11 p.m. and you’ve just scarfed down a slice of leftover pizza and a few too many Oreo cookies. The satisfying taste of salty and sweet is quickly overcome by guilt, frustration, and what is now an uncomfortably full belly. After eating balanced meals and healthy snacks all day, you are defeated by your late-night craving for junk food.

How can you avoid this self-defeating debacle? New research shows that eating a high-protein breakfast is the best way to avoid those p.m. cravings.

A study from the University of Missouri-Columbia showed that subjects who ate a high-protein breakfast had increased levels of satiety along with reductions in brain activity responsible for controlling food cravings that lasted into the evening.

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The Science Behind Cleansing

20 Apr 2013 17:40

Cleanse InfographicCleansing is one of the many reasons that Isagenix systems are different from other “diets”. In fact, diet is really the wrong word to use to describe Isagenix. We offer a collection of systems that can be customized to your own health goals and adopted as a lifestyle, meaning these are habits and tools you’ll have for the long haul. Cleansing is one of those habits within an Isagenix lifestyle.

Isagenix has been leading the way to health by advocating the practice of cleansing for more than a decade. Now, recent scientific findings are leading nutritional researchers to believe that this practice of “cleansing”—a combination of intermittent fasting with herbs and vitamins that support detoxification—provides surprising health benefits.

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How To Lose Weight Without Slowing Your Metabolism

29 Mar 2013 14:20

You know how it is with regular dieting—your long-lost skinny jeans make a temporary reappearance only to be retired to the back of your closet six months later. This frustrating scenario of weight cycling is all too familiar for most people.

Although decreased motivation and will-power greatly contribute to “falling off the wagon”, weight regain is also influenced by biological changes in the body in response to decreased intake of energy or calories. The main biological reason for weight regain is a slowing metabolism. A reduction in calorie intake can make the body become very efficient and work to conserve energy. Unfortunately, this means you are burning fewer calories. Loss of lean tissue (such as muscle) rather than fat mass during weight loss is also to blame for a lower metabolic rate (more on this below).

In a world where yo-yo dieting has become the norm, how does one keep lost pounds off for good?

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30 Days. 90 Meals. A Healthier You.

29 Mar 2013 14:04


How would you like to look and feel healthier in 30 days? You can with the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Boasting a bevy of heart-healthy and wallet-friendly benefits, the 30-Day System is flexible, easy to follow AND is perfect for helping you:

  • Lose weight: Starting a new lifestyle is rarely easy, but the 30-Day System makes it simple. By following the simple instructions, you can say “good-bye” to unhealthy eating habits and kick start your weight-loss efforts by first cleansing your body of impurities, and then feeding it the proper nutrients it needs to increase energy and reduce oxidative stress.


 Your go-to products: Cleanse for Life® and Ionix® Supreme 

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7 Ways New IsaLean Shakes Are More Nutritious Than Ever

8 Mar 2013 22:55

It may sound cliché, but the best of the best just keeps getting better. And, it’s true for IsaLean Shake with the introduction of Creamy French Vanilla and Creamy Dutch Chocolate flavors.

Calorie for calorie, each serving of the new shake flavors unleashes a tidal wave of nutrients designed to flood the body’s cells with what they need to thrive, build quality tissues, strengthen muscles and bones, and battle oxidative stress.

How is it possible? What’s different? And, why are these shakes even better for fighting fat and getting leaner? Here are seven reasons, based on the latest nutritional science has to offer, that make the new shakes more nutritious than ever:

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What Sets Isagenix Cleanse Days Apart from Other Cleanse Regimens?

25 Feb 2013 14:30

When most people think of a “cleanse,” they envision uncontrollable trips to the bathroom, gag-provoking concoctions, and absurd food restrictions. Fortunately, with Isagenix Cleanse Days, you can get all the health benefits of nutritional cleansing without experiencing those horrific—and sometimes dangerous—situations.

What makes Isagenix Cleanse Days different? The combination of decreased calorie intake with the herbs, vitamins, and minerals found in tasty Cleanse for Life supports the body nutritionally while giving the digestive system a chance to rest and the body a chance to detoxify. Unlike other “cleanses,” Isagenix Cleanse Days do not involve restricting yourself to drinking plain juices, or worse, taking laxatives, which can often do more harm than good.

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The Rise of Obesity and Falling Vitamin D

25 Feb 2013 14:24

If there had been an award for “Most Valuable Nutrient” of the decade, vitamin D would without a doubt be a front-runner. Every tissue and cell in the body has a vitamin D receptor, signifying its importance in everything from bone health to brain health.

Unfortunately, it’s been estimated (1) that 20 to 100 percent of U.S., Canadian, and European elderly men and women are deficient in the “sunshine vitamin”—appropriately named since it can be produced by the body when exposed to direct sunlight. While research has focused on lack of sun exposure (especially during the winter months) as a reason for vitamin D deficiency, a new player may be to blame—obesity.

In a recent study with over 42,000 people from 21 countries, researchers found a significant link between high body mass index (BMI) and low vitamin D levels (2). In fact, for each 10 percent increase in BMI there was a 4.2 percent drop in vitamin D.

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Resolve To Nutritional Cleansing for 66 Days For Real Change

20 Feb 2013 23:06

We have all experienced it before. Your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier starts off strong, but it’s not long before for a small “cheat day” here and there turns into every day being a cheat day. If you really want to make a change in your diet, resolve to use Isagenix for 66 days. Why 66 days? Science shows that is how long it takes to create a new habit.

A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology investigated the key factors in creating and breaking habits and how we can set ourselves up for new patterns of behavior. The study included 96 subjects who chose an eating, drinking, or activity behavior to carry out daily for 12 weeks. During the study, subjects completed self-report surveys which indicated whether or not the behavior was carried out daily and level of difficulty to perform the new habit.

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A Super Saturday in Toronto!

4 Feb 2013 18:53

Attention Isagenix® Associates,

Get ready to grow to new heights!  Join us on Saturday, February 16, 2013 in Toronto for nothing but the best!

Join Isagenix Scientific Advisory Members Dr. Michael Colgan and Dr. Paul Anderson for this “up front and personal” Isagenix experience.  Learn how to implement You+2, Them+2, master the art of connecting & prospecting, increase the growth and retention of your Isagenix business and create financial freedom with more flexibility for you and your family! 

For more information on this exciting event, check the “Events” section of your Back Office.

Questions? Contact

*Course schedule and trainers subject to change

Event Details:
Saturday, February 16, 2013

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e+: Natural Energy, Powerful Results

5 Jan 2013 02:36

E-Plus_6ct-300x260 Introducing e+: the naturally-caffeinated energy shot that gets–and keeps–you going!

Let’s face it; in our fast-paced, not-enough-hours-in-the-day world, it’s easy to run down personal energy reserves. e+ is a flavorful energy-boost for everyone, formulated to help you feel refreshed and energized. And, e+ fires up your performance without the artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors found in many other energy drinks.

Pocket-sized e+ shots are convenient, great tasting, and perfect for that quick boost of energy when you need it most. The convenient 2-ounce bottle of e+ provides extra protection against fatigue, whether it’s before a workout or to help you meet a work deadline, thanks to the adaptogenic botanicals in each bottle.

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4 Ways to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

3 Jan 2013 22:29

Now that you’ve made a commitment to eat better, exercise more and of course, make more money, it’s time to figure out how to stick with it!

As a solutions-based company, we have four targeted ways to help you achieve that New Year’s resolution.

The best part? Each solution offers a bevy of ways to reach your desired result.

Weight Loss: Step back into your skinny jeans with our cornerstone 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. Boasting real, long-lasting results, this nutritious meal replacement system makes is easy to drop pounds and inches plus:

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Top Tips For Best 2013 Cleanse Days Results

29 Dec 2012 15:49

Start the New Year off with a few simple steps to get you clean and lean in 2013!

Life is toxic. Every day, you’re exposed to hundreds of lethal environmental toxins–from the food and water you eat and drink, to the items you touch–even the very air you breathe. That’s why regularly cleansing your body of these harmful impurities is so critical to your health and longevity. Cleanse for Life® supplies your body with the nutrition it needs to cleanse itself naturally.

So, if you want to start your New Year off on the right foot, schedule your Cleanse Day now. Here are our top tips for creating your best Cleanse Day results:

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Flashback: 5 Tips For Overcoming the Holiday Weight Gain

24 Dec 2012 17:33

Some advice is just worth repeating, like this Holiday Health Survival Guide article from, circa November 2010.

Here are our top five tips for powering through the holidays with your health (and waistline!) intact:

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A Convenient New Way to Super-Charge a Stress-Free Day

22 Dec 2012 15:56

Deliver a knockout blow to stress. New Ionix® Supreme in handy packets is a powerful and tasty elixir that provides a high concentration of adaptogenic botanicals and nutrients that help you manage stress and heightened levels of toxicity.

Stress is public enemy No.1!

Stress is a normal part of life, yet it’s also a leading contributor to a lot of ailments. Few of us realize how deeply stress affects our physiology and how it can negatively impact our health.

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Eat This Isagenix Treat, Not That Tempting Treat

14 Dec 2012 00:01

With the holidays fast approaching and festive get-togethers on the horizon, temptation will be at an all-time high. To help keep you on track and not sabotage your efforts to whittle your waistline, we’ve created a few fun alternatives to help you substitute “this treat” for “that treat” while still having a jolly ol’ time!

The best part? These treats are perfect for sharing and make great stocking stuffers.

Eat This: IsaDelight Plus™ Milk or Dark Chocolate                                 

Not That: Candied-coated sweets    

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Give Yourself Everything You’ll Need, Every Day.

8 Dec 2012 16:39

Ready to take full command of your health, your nutrition and your future? Then it’s the Every Day Essentials Pak to the rescue!

Adding the Every Day Essentials Pak to your Autoship for your life-long journey to better health is not just a step–but a giant leap–in the right direction!

The Features

Comprised of two critically important, high-nutrition components, you’ll kick-start every day with IsaLean® Shake and Ageless Essentials™ with Product B™. Combined, these products provide a comprehensive nutritional foundation to combat everyday exposure to toxins, obesity, stress and poor nutrition.

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Tis’ the Season For Sharing the Power of Nutritional Cleansing

16 Nov 2012 21:24

The holidays are fast approaching and so are some incredible new holiday deals! Save on some of our most popular products with the 2012 Isagenix Seasonal catalog and spread some goodwill, good nutrition and holiday cheer!

This year’s seasonal catalog is brimming with a full selection of products and great savings on a spectacular array of Isagenix bundles and offers to get even the biggest scrooge into the holiday spirit.

Shake Up Their Holiday Routine

16 oz IsaShaker Bottle + 2 IsaLean® Shake Packets

Bring good tidings of convenience and tasty nutrition, with two of our tasty and nutritious IsaLean® Shake packets paired with a 16-ounce IsaShaker™ bottle. A perfect complement to the traditional holiday feast. This unique pack is the perfect way to ring in the New Year on the road to the new you.

Blend Holiday Cheer With Nutritional Goodness

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The New Face of Healthy Snacking

4 Nov 2012 13:40

If you think it’s time for healthy snacking to get a facelift, then you’re ready for the high fiber, 90-calorie goodness of our antioxidant-rich SlimCakes®. 

Isagenix SlimCakes is the heart-healthy*, peace-of-mind snack that tastes just like a cookie—without all the guilt. Sweetened with natural agave, SlimCakes is low-glycemic, contain zero cholesterol, no artificial flavors or colors and is a preservative-free super-snack that’s only 90 calories.

Other yummy benefits include:

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5 Reasons IsaLean Shakes Top the Rest

22 Oct 2012 11:01

Drink your morning IsaLean® Shake with pride—you’ve got all the best inside! So, what makes Isagenix® IsaLean Shakes top the rest on the market today?  Take a peek at just a few of the some of the reasons why IsaLean Shakes beat the competition:

1. The Best Protein. IsaLean Shake contains undenatured whey protein. And, as Dr. Michael Colgan shares, “The best dietary match we have found for human proteins is undenatured whey protein concentrate. Undenatured whey protein from range-fed cows in New Zealand is not a simple food. It consists of eight different proteins, each composed of 21 amino acids, each with different effects on the human body.”

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Isagenix System Edges Out Well-Recognized Diet in New Study

21 Sep 2012 00:06

Did you hear? The University of Illinois Chicago just studied our Isagenix® system and measured it against a recognized heart-healthy diet. Not only were researchers astonished at the results, but they were also pleased with the study participants’ adherence to the system!

Study Finds Isagenix Superior to Leading “Heart Healthy” Diet

The highly anticipated results are in—Isagenix products are superior to a leading “heart healthy” dietary plan for weight loss and visceral fat loss. The manuscript has been submitted to two peer-reviewed journals and is still under review; however, you can read more details about the study on our clinical research summary and marketing flyer.

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IsaLean Pro is your key to building lean muscle and losing weight.

19 Sep 2012 15:51

Isagenix Senior Manager of Science Communications David Despain, M.Sc., talks about the role of protein in building muscle and losing weight, and why quality matters.

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